Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic comes from the greak “bio” life and “dynamis” energy, so we work with the life energy in the body. And it is important to point out that this is a form of therapy that focuses on the whole body and not only the area around the cranium (Cranio) and the sacrum (sacral).

Connective Tissue Therapy

The connective tissue consists of long connecting structures that goes from the top of the head and down to the feet. In addition to help connecting the entire body structure, it also has important functions in bringing nutrients and waste materials around in the body.

Consciousness Therapy (PSYCH-K)

Most of us walk around thinking we are aware of the life we ​​live, but it is a maximum of 5% of the time we are aware of our actions. 95% of the time we follow our programmed subconscious mind.

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Massage is a great way to spoil yourself and your body. In addition to being a nice and relaxing experience, it also helps to increase the flow in the body and increase awareness of your own body.

Dynamic Facial Massage

Our facial expressions and opportunities to use it in communication with other people are a crucial factor in being able to read other people and thus engage in a balanced relationship. Dynamic facial massage is a loving and gentle treatment to receive. It gives a sense of pure pampering.

Goddess Treatment

Goddess treatment is the ultimate luxury treatment for you who wants 3 hours of pampering and wellness, and can be combined with the different therapies I offer.


To many people, healing sounds like something very alternative, but in fact, most have tried healing without knowing it. For example, if you hit your elbow, most people will immediately put their hand on the elbow and sore themself. That is actually healing.

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