I want to ensure that there is no misunderstanding regarding the content at kjeldadam.dk. I have therefore chosen to make this disclaimer, which sets the prerequisites for the content on the website.

Educational background

I am not a qualified doctor or diastist, and all diet and lifestyle changes are Consequently at your own risk. If you are in doubt about changes are reasonable in your specific health situation, I recommend consulting a doctor or other professional who you trust.

I have taken miscellaneous education and courses in body therapy, anatomy, physiology and disease education (read more here). In addition to that, I am an ordinary person who tells what has worked for me and hope that it can it can be a inspiration to you. All kinds of medical questions and mental disorders requires special guidance. It is therefore beyond my educational skills and I would consequently urge you to seek your own doctor.


I share information from many different sources that I trust. If there are no references to the content, it reflects my own views and experiences within the given topic. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you. See this website as inspiration for your development, and be critically to what you read here and elsewhere.

A website can look very official, but do not take for granted that the content is correct for that reason. Even among different organs in the established health system, there may be divergent opinions about which treatment is the correct one for a given problem. Then again, relate critically to your sources, and trust what feels right for you.

Your health is ALWAYS your responsibility and I can not take responsibility for what you experience in the process or the choices you make.


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